Shimano Yasei Pike 2.5, 20-60g (90,00€)

16.10.2017 09:51
Uus ritv. Kaal ainult 156g. Saadan Omnivaga.

Yasei Pike is designed to meet the requirements of today's Pike anglers. The rod is made with a special mix of HPC100 (High Pressure Carbon) and Biofibre to make it light but very strong. The use of the Special Fuji K-Type Alconite guides makes this rod look stunning and eliminates line tangling in the guides. The range enables you to fish with all kinds of pike lures form smaller shallow runners to big deep running lures. The parabolic progressive action allows you to feel the swimming action of the lure perfectly and has enough body to react fi rmly to a striking pike. This action also reacts perfectly to powerful runs and headshaking of the biggest pike without hook pulls.
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