Zpey Instinct #9/10, vähe kasutatud! (199,00€)

08.04.2016 14:06
muudetud: 23.05.2016 09:16
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Zpey Instinct DH Fly Rod
One of the smoothest series for double-handed fishing on the market, Zpey Instinct truly allows you to put the fly exactly where you want it without thinking.  
Zpey Instinct Fly Rods
Instincts. Genetically inherited memory imbedded in our subconscious, needing triggers to cause action. Zpey's new series of double handed fly rods are just that. Triggers causing actions based on instincts. Thus the name: “Zpey Instinct”. Zpey has combined their earlier theories of deep action and short stroke length with Henrik Mortensens theories about line weights that are adjusted to fit specific rods.
Zpey will also introduce a new innovation with the “Instinct” rods. After having received such an enormous amount of positive feedback from our “Zpey Switch Rods” they have adjusted the Switch handle to fit the “Instinct” rods. Already at prototype level, many of those testing the rods thought these rods had to be the best double handers ever made!
Every rod is delivered in a specially designed and solid cordura bag with excellent ventilation.
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